Adult Education

Continuing education is an important part of each person's growth as a Christian.  Epiphany offers studies on a rotational basis, following the seasons of the church year.  Some of the studies we have done in the past include Nikki Gumble’s “A Life Worth Living”, a study on the Lord’s Prayer and “Exploring our Anglican Identity”.  

Outreach Committee

At Epiphany, our Outreach Committee is an active and vital part of our parish. We support many community projects throughout the year as well as organizing one-time events.  We hold weekly food drives to supply local food banks and outreach centres with high need items.  One of our most popular events is supplying families identified through local aid organizations with Christmas presents and food.  Epiphany also supports organizations such as Operation Christmas Child, the Primate’s Word Relief and Development FundWorld Vision, the Northern Clergy Families Fund,  Halton Women's Place and more.

Pastoral Care

One of the best parts of being part of a Christian community is the care and concern that the community offers when you need it most.  At Epiphany, formal pastoral care is primarily the responsibility of the rector and a small pastoral care team.  However the Epiphany community also informally takes care of a wide variety of needs.  From visiting in the hospital, delivering meals or flowers, writing cards or performing a home communion service, pastoral care is there for parish.  Pastoral services are always available by appointment with the Rector.