Save the date—The Vestry meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 10 at 9:30am. By having Vestry between services this year we hope it’s convenient fort the 8:30 congregation to stay after the service for the meeting and for the 10:30 congregation to come an hour early. 

Parochial Committee Update - Thank you to all who reviewed the draft Parish Profile and provided feedback and/or comments. The feedback and comments were reviewed by members of the Parochial Committee and changes made to the Parish Profile accordingly. On December 15th, we submitted the Parish Profile to the Diocese. Over the last few weeks we have received only a few questions for clarification from the Diocese, which we have been able to address. The Parish Profile is now posted on the Diocese website and The Anglican Church of Canada website for interested candidates to review and hopefully submit an application. The Diocese will be open to receiving applications until February 15, 2019. During this time of waiting, the Parochial Committee will be meeting with members of the Bishop’s team to review interviewing procedures in preparation for potential candidates. Please pray that the right candidate will be  moved to express their interest in the Church of the Epiphany.

Give your spirits a mid-week boost— Join us each Wednesday at 10:00am for an intimate service in the sanctuary, followed by refreshments and fellowship in the Feeney Room.

It’s a classic!—Join the Epiphany Classic Book Club on Sunday, January 20 at 1pm for a fun discussion of The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey. New members and guests always welcome.

New readers welcome—Everyone is welcome to join our list of readers for Sunday services in 2019. If you are not currently on the list and would like to be involved, please contact the office or Sarah Thompson.

Outreach—The Christmas season is over but our outreach efforts continue all year long. The less fortunate members of the community who come to our door for assistance are always grateful for the donations of non-perishable food and personal care items which you have provided. Please keep them in mind when you are next at the supermarket—donations may be dropped off at the church office any time.

Weekly message from the Interim Pastor

Weekly message from the Interim Pastor

This Sunday we celebrate Jesus' first miracle (or sign, according to John's Gospel) with the changing of water into wine at the wedding feast at Cana. How might God be transforming our lives? I believe that God delights in transforming lemons into lemonade, providing an abundance of love, life and hope for us when it seems we are close to running on empty. The wine steward was shocked to discover that the best wine had been saved for last. Perhaps the best is yet to come for the Church of the Epiphany, and for each of us. See you in church!